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I heard someone say, “Most things are not designed to be difficult. If you are trying to produce a result and it is proving too difficult, then you are probably not doing something right”.

Take the example of a child proof medicine bottle. It has a cap like most other bottles, and so you pick it up then start to twist the cap to open. After a few energetic twists, nothing happens, you try even harder yet nothing moves. Frustration soon sets in and you may put it down concluding something is wrong with the bottle, or you might get an object and damage the cap to get the contents in the bottle.
If you had stepped back and taken a closer look at the instructions, you may have seen that you needed to depress and cap and twist. With that knowledge, the bottle is open in a couple of twists. 

When you go into any venture and things do not work out as you expect, frustration is the sign to take a step back and reassess the situation you are faced with. You may need more knowledge, skill, patience, help, persistence etc. 

Don’t let frustration drive you to give up or destroy what you are working on, but let it lead you on a new path to accomplish your aims.