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This is one of the enemies of making consistent progress in the short-term or the long-term for that matter. I read an article some time ago which cited that our attention span has fallen from about 12 minutes in the 80’s to a mere 8 seconds as of today.

This means we are now not much better than gold fish which they tell us have an attention span of 4 seconds there about. Our behaviour is probably not much different either, we turn from one screen to another looking at one thing after the other, eating in between, sleeping and then repeating the whole cycle the following day.

We must do something to increase attention span and focus in order to make meaningful progress in life. We cannot be hooked to digital and electronic devices all day.

Turn them off, do a regular digital and e-detox. Resist the temptation to touch any of those devices for a day or days. Get you attention span back, get your life back and don’t let yourself be side-tracked that easily any more.