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Stop practicing inferiority

It is really true that the best way to learn anything is by copying another. This has been our mode of learning right from when we were born. However, at some point when we have learnt the basics, we are to explore them and improve on what we have learnt to become great at what we are meant to be in life.

There are many people that play tennis for instance, so what makes one go on to dominate tournaments for years while others play catch up? They all probably learnt the same techniques, have similar racquets and hit the same balls. Learning to become competent is one thing, but learning to be the very best you can be is another thing.

The martial arts expert Bruce Lee said, “I do not fear him who has practiced a thousand different kicks, but I fear him who has practiced one type of kick a thousand times”. We practice inferiority when we only do enough to get by, or even when we learn all there is about a subject but never master any aspect of it.

We stop practising inferiority when we focus on the thing that is our area of strength and we develop it until we become the very best in the world at doing it.