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On the knife’s edge

I realised that my wife and I had been living on a knife’s edge for a while where we could not afford for one stream of income to fluctuate ever so slightly as it could shut us down financially.

Living on the knife’s edge is not a nice place to be and we would rather avoid it. We however learnt in the same situation that our focus was sharpened and our resolve to succeed was strengthened more than ever. I heard Simon Sinek say, “Success could allow you to be lazy and wasteful. Crisis however allows you to get back to a place of intentionality, efficiency and effectiveness.”

Crisis shows up uninvited and presents us with slippery conditions like ice on a well frozen lake, but just like a man cannot make much progress moving on the slippery ice with his feet, once he gets on the knife’s edge of some ice skates, then he is able to navigate that ice much faster than his feet could ever take him.

The fastest speed achieved on ice skates has been about 56 mph, almost twice as fast as the speed of the fastest man or a cheetah. The clumsiness one can experience on ice dissolves into graceful dexterous movements when on the knife’s edge.

Are you forced into a situation right now where you are trying to balance things on the edge? Now is the time to change your paradigm, increase your focus and resolve, then let your knife’s edge be the instrument to give you speed and ability to gracefully manoeuvre your situation until you get to the place of enlargement.