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Gambling your problems away

We have all been at that place where we wished for more money. I know I have, and just like most of you, I thought of gambling or playing the lottery with the hope of winning enough money to solve my problems. Most of the very rich will tell you that one of the secrets to solving financial problems is to save your money. Sadly, too many will find it hard to keep that advice and end up struggling with unrealistic measures to break out of financial instability.

The same holds true for other problems we face, be it a marital one, a career, a business, a course of study, or any other significant thing that affects our total well being. We wish, we wish, we wish. But there are no short cuts to solving the issues that need to be addressed.

If it is relational, time must be spent building trust and investing in the other person. Telling off a spouse, manipulating them, threatening, e.t.c. does nothing to make a marriage better. On the other hand, doing all the right things for just one day is like buying that lottery ticket and hoping that the next morning everything will magically be alright, and you will reap the best relationship ever.

Let us apply the principles of patience and consistent effort in doing the right things, just like saving, to build up in every area of our lives the foundation of a truly successful existence.