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Nothing happens till you start

I cannot over emphasise the importance of preparation, however we must be careful not to fall into the trap of analysis paralysis disguised as preparation.
There is no way one can be prepared for every eventuality in any venture that is taken. Preparation should not just be an action, it should be a state of mind.

I started a training business some years back after many months of preparation. Once it started, the feedback from the first training session did more for structuring future sessions than the many months of planning. 

When a car is taken for a service, the engineer always starts the car and listens to the engine or plugs in the diagnostic kit. After it has run for a while, they are able to detect the parts of the vehicle that need to be tweaked. 

Starting is essential to tackle a whole new set of challenges that you need to overcome to get to your goal. So what are you waiting for? Do something to start your journey to that destination you desire. Nothing significant will happen until you start.