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Running from that small thing

We moved to a new house in a really good part of town to be closer to my sons school. It was a very comfortable house in an ideal location. We felt really lucky and blessed to have found it at the price it was advertised.

A couple of weeks after we moved in, we woke up one morning to find the garage flooded with water from the sewage pipes and a lot of things that were in the garage waiting to be put in their proper place in our new home got wet. This was very distressing for us and what we felt was a dream seemed to be turning into a nightmare.
That same week, the former tenant drove by and said, “we had that same problem a few times while we were in there”. They only stayed for 6 months of their 1 year tenancy. Surely enough, we had that problem a few more times in the space of 5 months.

We thought about moving out to another place to get away from this incessant problem, but I picked up on something that the emergency plumber said when he first came to unblock the pipes. He advised that we go a tradesman who had a special device fitted with a camera that was used for investigating problems in sewer pipes. Eventually the managing agents heeded the advice and we got the camera to view the pipes under the building. 
In about 10 mins, they discovered that the problem lay in one of the pipes that had a rubber sealant the shape and size of a small pencil hanging like a string from the top to the bottom of the circumference of that pipe. This was what caught the tissue as it flowed by and after a few weeks it would lead to a blockage. Within an hour, they had it removed and that was the end of that problem.

It really hit me when the problem was solved that I was going to move out of an ideal location for the sake of a problem the size of a pencil. How many times have we been put off what could have been ideal for us because of a problem we did not know where its root lay? 

One has to make every effort to investigate the root causes of a problem before making a life altering decision to walk away from it. If you really dig deep, you may find that the cause of the problem is pencil-sized compared to your house-size opportunity.