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I love New York

You can’t help feeling the sentiment of loving New York when you walk down its streets going past magnificent buildings, shops and amazing lights, especially those at Times Square. 
That slogan has become so ingrained that it is sold on face caps, t-shirts and all types of memorabilia.

The desire for most things are really driven by what people think about them. If enough people say they like something, as humans we are usually moved by that sentiment.

Marketers play on such sentiments and use it to push their products sometimes in very unethical ways. This knowledge should however be used to influence people positively. 

You have a product that touches your world in a unique way. How will you refine it and make it the best experience for this who will use it? When you do that, then enlist those who love your product to promote it thus influencing others to try our what you have.

I love New York is a result of the product that city has become. I love “your product” can be the next thing on people’s lips if you orchestrate it wisely.