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Getting ready for the next stop

It’s so funny that when you get in some form of public transport and doze off, you always seem to wake up just before your stop.

Anticipation of where you are going has a way of configuring your whole system to be alert to any indication that the destination is close. It could be by seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling, but as soon as any of your senses picks up a signal that the destination is at hand, your whole being gathers itself together to get up and go.

You know that feeling I am talking about when you smell your favourite food joint.

If one sets other tangible life goals of where they want to get to next, then the same principles of recognition and perception will kick in to prepare them for that place.

Just as it is crazy to get on a ride and not have a next stop, so it is to go through life without goals marking your next stop.

It’s funny when you see someone who has slept past their stop, when they wake up you see the confusion, panic and definitely crazy display in their trying to get off and reroute.

As crazy as they look, they are still better than the person who got on with no destination in mind.

Are you ready for your next stop or are you displaying the qualities of one who slept past their stop or had no stop in mind.