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Keep priming

You have probably heard about priming the pump. This is a process where some water is put into a water pump and that gets it working properly so it gets much more water out of the well it is serving.

It almost sounds counterintuitive to give away the water you have to a system that is supposed to get you the water you need, but the funny thing is that it actually works.

So what areas have you been looking for a change? Maybe you should ask yourself if you have become the change you want to see, even if in a very small way. You might feel emotionally drained to do anymore, but if you put your last drop of encouragement into that child, your priming might just be the thing they need to return to you a reward of positive behaviours that will replenish every ounce of courage in you.

Its time to go out there and keep priming, give it what you have and have faith that what you have sowed, you will surely reap.