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Tell me a story

Apparently, story telling is one of the most powerful methods of sharing information in palatable and digestible chunks. It will amaze you how many people, regardless of their background or status, who would sit down and listen to you tell a story.

I remember a story that was told to me decades ago in my pre-teen years and I still remember the story and the moral of it up till today.
“The lender was arguing with the borrower and insisting he get his money right now. The bystander was watching to see what would happen. After going back and forth for a long while, the borrower in frustration pulled out a knife as he objected that there was no way he could pay the money now and so he would end it all. He turned the knife on himself, fell on it and died. The Lender without hesitation laughed sarcastically and said, you will not take my money with you, and so he pulled the knife out of the borrower, fell on it and died also. The bystander at this point was livid, he shouted you will not deny me of seeing how this matter ends, and he drew the knife from the lender, fell on it and died too.” The moral of the story was to mind your own business.

If you have faced difficulties trying to get information or vital facts across to others, try this ancient art of story telling, it still has spell binding appeal when you do it properly.