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Running out of options

Have you ever played any of those games where you are given 3 chances to accomplish a task, and the more you try, the less chances you have left? Or maybe you have heard of the fables of the genies that give 3 wishes for anything, but you cannot wish to have more wishes.

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to fall into the trap of using all the options and resources we have to try and solve a problem, and we only eventually seek help elsewhere when we have run out of options or resources. We kind of follow the path of the gamer or the one who found the genie’s lamp, believing that we only get any help within our options.

What if we started out from a place of getting more help and options long before we start running out of options? I have discovered that when my bag is still full of my options, I don’t come across as desperate when I approach others for help and advice. This has allowed me to reap the benefit of thier experience even before I start trying to solve my problems. On the other hand, when I have expended myself and run out of options, as I approach others to help, there is a desperation in me that causes them to either give an excuse as to why they can’t help, or to offer assistance that is minimal.

If you have ever tried securing a job while unemployed, you will find recruiters show less enthusiasm towards you, and your negotiating power is somehow limited. However, I found my desirability and negotiating power a lot higher when I applied for a new job while still employed at an old one.

Try approaching things from a place where you have more time, options and resources. Use your time to buy more time, your options to get more options and your resources to secure more resources. You will find that if you do this, you will never run out of options before you get the solution that you need.