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Optimism isn’t blindness

Optimism they say is the faith that leads to achievement, and nothing can be done without hope and confidence. As I have grappled with the concept of faith over the years and its importance in guiding one to a better outcome than present difficult circumstance, I have listened and learnt from different speakers on the subject.

As with all learning, there could be a fault in our ability to grasp concepts either because it is taught wrongly, or we understood it wrongly. I was left with the impression that faith denied what existed, almost like wishing the problem away. In other words, I equated my optimism with a blindness to the problem.

When I learned how optimism truly worked, I changed my approach. For instance, when I bought my first property the developers had not laid any grass in the garden and when I inquired, it was going to cost a few hundred pounds I had not budgeted for, so I left it. My old idea of optimism would have been to tell myself “You do not have a bare garden” while ignoring and refusing to think of my problem, hoping that somehow it would change. However with better understanding, I told myself, “The garden is bare but I will somehow find the means to have the grass laid”. To cut the story short, my family and I had to go away on a pre-booked vacation. When we came back, there was grass in the garden. I called the site manager to say I hadn’t ordered it and to find out if I was liable to pay. He came over personally to say that the workmen had laid the grass on my property in error thinking it was the property on the opposite end of the development, and that I need not pay for anything.

True optimism always acknowledges the reality of the situation on ground, but it keeps believing that one would find a way to get the best outcome in spite of that situation.

Exercise true faith and optimism today by investigating the facts of your situation, understanding the options that could get you out of it, committing yourself to at least one of the options to get out of it, and finally hoping for the best as you begin to move in that direction. Whether the change comes by a miracle along the way or by your hard work, it will come and you will be the better for it.