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Should we forget?

When trouble rises, the number of opinions that come up to explain it away are numerous. I couldn’t help pondering on a comment I heard in the last week that said “black people should forget about the past and move on”, “they should stop playing the victim card and do something for themselves”.

Those might be fair comments to make to someone who has lost a job or maybe a lover, but when they bomb down your buildings and thousands die, why not forget rather than raid their country and burn it to the ground?

When millions of Jews are killed at the hands of a despotic and wicked ruler, why nor forget rather than make the world remember that this should never happen again?

When thousands of soldiers loose their lives while fighting for the cause of freedom for their beloved country, please let’s forget because it is in the past.

The ill’s of slavery, apartheid and all atrocities against the black man are among the worst against humanity over the last 400 or so years. Millions have died, more are still dying, yet we are encouraged to forget.

Evil is evil and must be stood against. The oppressors chains physical, mental, emotional and material need to be broken and the prisoners truly set free. Whatever is wrong needs to be called out so that it is not perpetrated again.

The injustice done to the black man have never been truly acknowledged, but rather keep being denied and the black man is continually blamed for his own trouble. We will keep to remember and to stand against them, lest we all soon forget.