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Physician heal yourself

Have you ever noticed how we can sometimes be so efficient at solving other peoples problems and yet be so rubbish at solving our own? The human being can be such a collection of contradiction that it is sometimes unbelievable.

It is possible to be so organised and efficient on the job, yet there is utter chaos in our own home. Somehow, having it all together privately does not seem to be a criteria for acceptable performance publicly. The human mind knows how to compartmentalise and deliver value in the area it focuses.

This condition is quite age old such that the saying “Physician heal yourself” was used as far back as Jesus’ time when the Jews challenged him about his miracle working powers. People had been promising and delivering what they themselves did not show to possess privately so any new solution provider was thus challenged.

The question is, is it possible to give what you do not have? Or, is it that we have not understood how to garner what we do have for our own benefit rather than the benefit of others only?

Whatever we can do well for others, we can most likely do for ourselves, but maybe we need a little help to organise our internal world so that what we can do outwardly, we are also doing inwardly.