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We don’t need your potential

Potential is a wonderful thing that we are all born with, and if our birth family was able to recognise it, help us develop it, and be patient enough to see us produce from it, then we are most fortunate and blessed indeed.

Once you recognise what you are capable of, even though in its fledgling form, there is a confidence and expectation that you will go through life with, knowing that it is only a matter of time for that thing to reveal you as the champion you see on the inside. Unfortunately, not everyone else see’s or is patient enough for your promised abilities to come through. A vast number that you will encounter want a finished product to deal with and don’t have the time to wait for you to manifest.

There is nothing more crushing than knowing you could accomplish great things, but you are not given the chance to do so. The reality is that not many people are willing to take the risk of you practicing to hone your skills on thier own time and resources. This is the classic case of applying for the job after graduating from university, but being told you don’t have the ‘experience’ for the job. Where is a graduate expected to get experience from?

At many junctures in your life you will meet the people and institutions that will tell you in other words, ‘We don’t need your potential’, and you can’t really blame them. You owe it to yourself to develop what you have to the point where men will seek you out fervently, needing you to provide your skills and talents to solve thier particular needs.

Don’t get too despondent about those that don’t need your potential right now, but ensure you are surrounded by those who need you first, and will work with you until you produce the dividends that you know you have always been capable of.