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Read, react, result

There is a process that has been taught to us all through our lives which sometimes is not recognised until it is called out. You notice it with babies where they are able to cry to get thier mothers attention. You may think that they are just being babies, but in reality they have learned to use what they have to get what they want.

I remember years ago when I had to take care of my nephew who was a few months old, as his mum left for work in the morning, he would cry a little and once she was out of sight he would calm down and spend the rest of the day with me quite content. I then noticed over a few days that as soon as he heard the key in the door, around the time his mum usually got home, he would burst out crying in dramatic fashion as if he had been in that state all day.

I soon realised that this child was reading the situation, reacting to it as appropriate and reaping the results he wanted. We are taught this principle in school, read the question, react with an answer, then you get a result, pass or fail. Where else have you identified that you apply this process?

It sounds simplistic, but it holds a lot of practical wisdom for our day to day lives when we learn to read, react and get a result.