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No more for regrets

There are two powerful capacities that the human mind possesses. One is to remember (go back to the past) and the other is to imagine (look into the future). These abilities are always used now (in the present). What I remember could help or hinder me in my today, but what I imagine could open up a new door into a greater tomorrow. 

Someone said the future belongs to the dreamer. If I spend all my time living in regret, I use up all my mental capacity on the past which cannot be changed; I deny myself the experiences of the present which must be engaged, and I limit my capacity for imagining a future in which I am advantaged. 

I have learnt that the only permission that my regrets have to hold me back is the permission I give it when I keep revisiting my past. I have learnt to enjoy the experiences of my present, applying the learning from the past to make it better. I am using the power of my imagination over the power of my memory to see a future that has endless possibility.