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Message in a bottle

Several stories, poems and songs have romanticised the message in a bottle. This was a letter written and placed in a water tight container and thrown into the sea in the hope that it would get across the shores and into the hands of someone who could respond to it. That message typically was a distress call for help, or details of an expedition, or even a collection of poetic writings.

As great and secure as a message is in a bottle, the message actually has no meaning in the bottle. Its relevance becomes apparent when it gets into the hands of people.

Have you ever considered yourself to be like that bottle which contains messages that need to be communicated to your world? There is much in you which has been carefully crafted and when revealed will give much meaning to the lives of others. It is worth noting that unlike the bottle at sea which is dependent on others finding it, you can be intentional about finding and releasing your message to those who need it.

Are you allowing yourself to just drift by on the seas of life, keeping your message to yourself? Or, have you realised that what is in you is meant to be expressed to your world? Have you studied the art of effective communication to release your message?

Always remember that the good you can do is never beneficial to others if you don’t make it available to them.