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Social media

As many countries and cities around the world consider restrictions on public gatherings and with most people being advised to stay at home, the use of social media is bound to sky rocket.

There are great things about social media that we can benefit from at this time, but there are also pitfalls.
Let us remember the following tips in the coming days and weeks:

1. Social media enhances your ability to reach others at remote locations to you, it should not replace relationships close by
2. Set a screen time app to monitor how long you spend on your devices
3. Be honest with yourself and cut down use if you are spending too much time or are too distracted.
4. Practice accountability with a friend or partner about your use of it
5. Put the phone or device down. Take regular breaks from it
6. Not every post should be believed, find a way to research the true from the hoax
7. Make sure you THINK before you post. T – is it Truthful, H – does it Help? I – does it Inspire? N – is it Nice or Necessary? K – is it Kind?
The Corona virus will eventually go away, but will your post disappear too?

Whatever you do over this period, do not get carried away by social media or the constant use of any of your devices. Be responsible and use it wisely for the benefit of your mental health and that of others.