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Made for connection

As some schools and other institutions reopen following weeks of lockdown, it has become apparent how unnatural it is for us as human beings to try and maintain a distance from one another.

My 5 year old son has been instructed to keep a distance of 2 meters from other children and he knows that well. However, when they are let out on the play ground, I hear tales of contact even though brief, as the excitement of being able to play with friends fills the air.

Everyone seeks connection with another in one form or the other. It is worth noting that in spite of lockdown, people have taken the risk to go out and support the cause of justice for George Floyd and to kick out institutional racism against the black community in America and indeed other parts of the world.

To connect means I stand with you not only in ideology but if need be, shoulder to shoulder to fight against a common enemy, I will sit where you sit, I will cry when you cry and I will offer a helping hand to show that our connection to one another is the most important thing that makes us all human.