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Grasping reality

Movies like The Truman Show and The Matrix, though different genres, were gripping narratives questioning the same thing, our perception of reality. The first movie looked at the life of a man who was born into a TV show and lived a life carefully crafted by the producers, while the other movie took us on the journey of a man who discovers humanity is trapped in a simulated world created by powerful computers.

What we call reality is really a subjective view of how we see the world based on our conditioning, the upbringing, beliefs and values we have. So how then do we get a view that is more objective than the one we hold?

I think it starts with awareness and allowing yourself to accept that there might be another reality out there different to yours. Talking to other people and listening to their views without trying to judge them will certainly help.

The closer we get to understanding reality for what it is and not only for what we perceive it to be, the stronger our convictions and the more accurate our responses to life would be.