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The power of synergy

I was reminded again of the importance of more than one person to get stuff done. I have three children and when I have to get all three fed while my wife does something else, it takes a really long time. However, when my wife and I do it together, it takes less than half the time.

In Adam Smiths book, The Wealth Of Nations, the example of a factory is given, where 10 workers each worked on the 18 steps to make one pin. They were able to individually produce around 20 pins per day. However, when they divided up the task to make a single pin and each worked on their part, they produced 48,000 pins per day, that is an average of about 4,800 pins per person.

There is great power in working together on the same thing. I was amazed to find out that an average cell phone today has more computing power than all the computers used by NASA in 1969 to put man on the moon.

So, individually we can hold much power in our hand, yet it does nothing until we work together with a common vision and a common purpose releasing synergistic power to achieve a thousand times more than we could achieve alone.