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Copying correctly

…Continued from “Is it a game

Most of us have learned life merely by observing and copying the people that were examples to us. This reminds me of the story of the lady who would always cut off the ends of her spare ribs, throw them away and then place the main piece in the oven to grill it. Her husband then asked her one day, “Honey, why do you throw away one part of the ribs? They seem perfectly fine to me”. She answered, “I don’t know, my mother always made hers that way”. They then decided to ask her Mom why she made her ribs that way. She replied, “I don’t know, my mother used to make them that way”. They eventually met up with Grandma and asked the same question to which Grandma replied, “When I got my first oven many years ago, there wasn’t enough space to fit in the width of the ribs, so I had to cut off the ends of it and get rid of the other bits”. 

It is so important that our understanding of life is not only caught by what we have observed, but we should be taught by those we have observed. Sometimes what people call a ‘curse’ or ‘bad luck’ – typified by the constant failure in one’s endeavours – is not a bad omen cast upon them; but instead could be the result of unproductive and non-progressive behaviour patterns observed from those who nurtured them, who also learnt the same from those who nurtured them, and so on and so forth going down their ancestral line. 

To be continued