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What’s your practice

It is usually said that practice makes perfect, but I have come to look at that statement differently since I heard this quote, said to be given by an American Navy Seal in response to how they handle challenges, he said, “We don’t rise to the occasion, we sink to the level of our training”.

In other words, when hell and high water are thrown in our direction, who we really are comes out. We should therefore look at practice as the avenue to develop and unravel the base personality we will be when we are faced with our toughest challenges.

I am learning to look at challenges and instead of thinking how do I overcome this, I am changing my focus to how will I show up in this. If I am able to train my best self to always show up as the leader, the thinker, the creative, the compassionate, the mentally tough, the problem solver, and so on, then it doesn’t matter what the challenge is, I will be able to surmount it.

So how are you training yourself on a daily basis? What’s your practice? What’s your routine to build up on your strength’s, capacities and capabilities? Invest in these practices now, so that in the day you are challenged, the person you will be can overcome.