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Facing reality

Have you ever looked into the mirror and not liked what you saw? I heard the story of a man who had been out in the wild for many days, and when he finally had a chance to look in the mirror, he did not like what he saw, so he broke the mirror. Someone rightly pointed out to him that it wasn’t the mirrors fault.

I remember the first time I heard my voice being played back to me from a tape recorder. I was absolutely shocked at how I sounded, and would have denied that it was me if I hadn’t been part of the recording session. Getting to find out what you are really like, whether through a mirror, a media recording, or the feedback of friends and family, can be a very humbling experience. Our natural inclination is to shrink from that moment.

When it comes to facing the reality of a situation, we are prone to behave like we would when we come to face ourselves. There is a reluctance to take it head on, or maybe to even deny it, but it will not go away or get any better just because we do not acknowledge it. Like the guy that broke the mirror, we must be reminded that it is not the mirrors fault, and the situation will not change until we do.

Reality is a reflection of where our journey in life has brought us, so even though we may not like it, or we wish it away, the best thing we can do is to face it and understand what changes we need to make so that we are ready to walk through the sometimes difficult path set before us.

Buckle down and face your realities, as many have proven through thier own experiences that no matter how bad it looks, it will get better, you will find a way through it as long as you refuse the cut the corners of facing your realities head on.