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Front story, back story

We all have the story that we want to be out there in the public space – front story,  and those that we do not – back story. Sometimes we allow external pressures to craft our front story such that it becomes a combination of a little reality and a little fantasy to portray a larger than life image of ourselves.

Social media has not helped this predicament as it has even made it a lot easier to script and act out our perfect front story. It’s ok to have a front story and we all should, but your front story should never be bigger than your back story.

Spend time and invest in yourself and who you are rather than who you want people to think you are. It is most rewarding to build up your private life so robustly that you have more stories to tell than you can manage to put out there. Enjoy your life, your family, your work, your friends, your meal, that concert, that party, that holiday and much more. Let someone else worry about the pictures and the perfect story to tell. 

Remember, those nearest and dearest to you will remember you for the back stories – what really happened and not what made it out the front door.
It is my wish for you that in the coming year it will be filled with a bigger and better back story than your front story.