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Let the quiet in

So that person on the inside, the one that controls your deepest beliefs and behaviours, the real you. Some refer to it as the hidden man of the heart, the heart of hearts, the core of your being, inmost mind, subconscious, soul, spirit and so forth. You get the picture of the one I am trying to describe.

I find that we can have a core that totally reflects what is going on around us like when there is so much uncertainty in the economy, that core displays a shaky heart and fearful thoughts. I also find that we can have a core that emanates the exact opposite of what we are going through, like being optimistic in the face of a loss, maybe of a close relationship, opportunity, position, finance or something else we really longed for.

So why is that the case? An illustration comes to my mind to try and articulate this. The hidden man of the heart is like the old time photograph film, it is locked away in a dark place and it is blank. The moment the camera shutter opens up, the film captures what was in the environment at that point and it becomes the dominant reality of the film so that when it is processed, the picture produced is one of the environment it was in. This is the receiving mode of your core.
Another way to describe it is like the movie film reels at the cinema, it opens up projecting moving pictures it contains into the environment around it. This is the propagating mode of your core.
Your core receives and it gives. It is what you receive on the inside that will propagate on the outside colouring your whole outlook and the perception that others will ultimately have of you. You control the shutter that let impressions in or shine appearances out.

The core can be adjusted. I find that being in a quiet place allows me to see what’s truly in my core, it’s at those times when I let the quiet in that somehow I am able to purge the undesirables, reset my core and prepare to capture a new image of something that will fortify me for my next challenge.