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Nothing like fake people

I heard of the story of someone who found a porcelain vase in a car boot sale and paid next to nothing for it thinking it was pretty ordinary. It was later discovered that the vase was worth thousands.

Have you ever found something in the wrong place and wondered if it was original? Like a designer bag being sold on the floor at a roadside market. This is very common with products, but I have found it not to be true with people.

Humans are so unique that it is impossible to ever come across a fake person. I know we label people as fake, but that is trivialising the wonder of the human specie. Our finger prints, hair growth patterns, voice tone, retinas and other attributes are completely distinct from that of any other human being. So in essence, you cannot really call anyone fake.

When you understand that people trying to behave like what they are not doesn’t make them fake, you will deal with them with a little bit more of a human touch rather than as a product that needs to be avoided.

People hurt, so they behave like a fake. People find themselves in the wrong crowd and adapt to it, so they behave like a fake. People admire role models but don’t understand how to get there, so they behave like a fake. People get shoehorned into a lifestyle by those in authority over them, so they behave like a fake.

There is always a story of why a unique soul seeks to be what it is not, taking on behaviours which are not normal, and portraying it to those around, yet as convincing as those masks may be, the original priceless piece is hiding under the rubble of crushed convictions, hoping to be released and be all that it is meant to be.

Always remember, there is no such thing as fake people, only fake behaviour to divert away from who the true person is.