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Beautiful mind

In the last few decades, a lot of breakthrough studies have been carried out that has helped to unlock so many secrets of the mind and how it affects our performance as individuals.

It has been proven that the mind does really have an effect over matter. A clear distinction has been uncovered between what is called the conscious mind where our thinking and Choices lie, and the subconscious mind which largely controls our emotions, habits and bodily functions.

Our conscious mind is like a customer who deposits or withdraws great stores of wealth in a bank, while our subconscious mind is the bank. Whatever we invest in our subconscious mind by what we hear, see, learn and do, compounds with interest over time to form our mindset and habits.

Just as it takes time to build a good habit into our subconscious mind, so it also takes time to replace bad habits. The good news is that no matter how chronic a negative mindset or habit one has had, going through the process of daily renewing the mind with better thoughts that form better habits over time.

Invest some time in learning more about your mind and how the habits and mindset you have are all functions of your subconscious mind. This will certainly help you to know yourself so you are able to grow yourself.