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Being ready saves time

The value of preparation cannot be overemphasised, and its not just for the big and important things only, but also for the small and seemingly insignificant.

I had been having regular meetings with my business mentor and I would report back on things I had done since our last meeting. Because I had completed the tasks set for me, I would just get on the calls and rattle off what I had done. One day, I took some time to actually think about what I had done and how best to talk it through with my mentor. Those few minutes I spent preparing were like gold because they made such a huge difference in the outcome of our meeting. What we covered in that one meeting would have probably taken three or more meetings to complete if there was not that very little time spent to think about a seemingly obvious part of my meeting.

Can you identify a few places where you can practice preparation and save time? Do you have all you need to brush your teeth in the morning? Could you spend 5 mins to bring out the clothes you will wear the next day and save 30 mins in the morning? Can a few minutes on your things-to-do list today turn tomorrow into a massively productive day?

Start with something really small, but stick with it and watch how much time and energy you will save from being just that little bit more prepared.