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Make sure to finish

I remember as a child, I made a big fuss for my grandma to make me some food because I was hungry. She fried me an overripe plantain and I ate half of it, but could not finish it. She then made a bigger fuss and insisted I finish that meal even if it took all day. I learnt that day not to dabble into matters I was not willing to see out to the end.

We sometimes embark on too many endeavours that we never close out and therefore lose the important lessons we could have learnt.
Finishing is not only about things that come to a logical end like a school degree, but it is also about choosing to stop something that one has started that is not beneficial.

To finish properly is to unhinge yourself from a past that was either successful or not, so that you can pursue the possibilities of the future.
Finishing involves doing a post mortem on what worked for you and what didn’t work, this gives you great insight on how to approach your next challenge.

Have you ever been in a bad relationship? You understand the importance of finishing when you are able to tell the other party clearly that it is over. You know that if you have left without stating this, there will be thoughts lingering that will always haunt you. You may also never be bold enough to face up to that person wearing your integrity on your sleeves.

We do ourselves a great disservice by not finishing whatever we have started as we are shirking responsibility and accountability. No one may know or ever pull us up on it, but we will know that we took the path of least resistance, and if we are faced with a similar situation again, we would still do the same.