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What do you wag?

I saw an awesome quote the other day as I was doing some routine reading.
It said, “A dog has many friends because it wags its tail and not its tongue.”

There is much that can be said about the virtues of speaking kind words and having an amiable disposition towards others. However, we do get tempted from time to time, running our mouths or being overtly animated in expressing ourselves when we get rubbed off the wrong way.

There are amicable ways to resolve sticky situations rather than wagging the tongue in condemnation or wagging the finger in accusation. Do this often and you will soon find that you hardly have any friends or acquaintances who truly want to be around you.

There is some wisdom to be learnt from the dog and we should wag our proverbial tails in acceptance of others letting them know that we value them more than whatever mistakes they have made or hurt they may have caused us.