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Continuity is a difficult word to spell, but an even more difficult concept to fulfil.
As an electrical engineering student in university, I learnt that what helped a piece of wire to deliver electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption was continuity. Simply put, the wire was not broken at any point in its length from where the electricity originated to where it was used.

We are good at generating ideas, policies, promises, roadmaps, visions of the future and all that good stuff but it takes continuity from day to day, government to government, one generation to another, to deliver on those things.
The problem is seldom with what is generated at the source for they are often brilliant concepts, and neither is it with the ones that would benefit from that idea.
The problems lies in the ability to be consistent, seeing that thought from the place of conception to the place of delivery. Sometimes is takes days, other times months and maybe even years, but as long as there is continuity, the end goal will be reached.

Be like an efficient power company that delivers on its promises because it has built in infrastructure that has continuity to get the electricity to its customers.