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Last mile home

I read a report once about where most car accidents happen, and one of the conclusions was that your own neighbourhood poses the biggest threat. Why is that so? I guess it boils down to two things, familiarity and tiredness. Those two things make us switch off and become less attentive to the details around us.

Could those two reasons also be responsible for why we fail at other things in life? I remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare lost the race against the tortoise because he felt he knew how to run better, and when he got tired, he decided to nap before the race was complete.

Having the right strategies to combat against familiarity with your skills and services will ensure you always stay on the cutting edge. Similarly, planning your course over time, pacing yourself, resting where necessary, and focussing when it matters most will help beat tiredness that could cause you to fail on the last mile of bringing that project to a successful conclusion.