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How to filter information

What is the best way to ensure that one is not subject to the agenda’s of those reporting information in any form of media, whether personal or through various printed, audio visual or digital channels?

I read an article today on the importance of critical thinking and how we have not been trained much to do this in our generation. One of the points the author made was, you cannot be critical in thinking if you are not open to be proven wrong about your own preconceptions. Yes indeed, your position on any topic might indeed be wrong, or incomplete. This is certainly worth thinking about.

However, here are a few questions to ask to delve more into the agenda of those bringing you information.
1. What was the question that this information answers?
2. Why was the question asked in the first place?
3. Is the question valid or are there other questions that counteract the question being asked?
If the bearer of the news does not know or becomes defensive instead of answering, then they are probably not being objective with thier report but rather subjective and are sharing what validates thier position.

You are not a dumping ground for any argument, and you certainly have the right to challenge all those that come to you. Who knows you may learn something you never knew, or end up teaching someone what they never knew.