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Is it a game?

“Life is like a game,” they say. Such statements almost seem to trivialize the magnitude of the reverence that we place upon this thing called life. After all, life is very serious business. I have always disliked that statement and would stop short of being offended when I heard it said; but the more I experience life, I am forced to affirm that this saying is true, “life is like a game”. It is NOT a game because unlike Super Mario you don’t have three lives and one extra for being good. This however does not negate it’s likeness to a game. 

I have observed how things always seem to occur in cycles and how everyone seems to go through some kind of challenge at a very comparable season on their journey through life. I have seen opportunity knock and how it was wooed or repelled by those it sought. I have sat with rich men and observed the manner in which they dealt with people and circumstances that came their way. I have closely rubbed shoulders with the poor and noted how they reacted to situations that they found themselves in. 

In all this, I could see a pattern and it almost seemed to me like there was a secret script that was being followed and acted out by different categories of people. This made me conclude that life must really be like a game as everyone seemed to be playing by a set of rules they knew about, or maybe they just merely followed in the steps of others they saw playing the game. 

To be continued…