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See it, say it, sorted?

I was at an event recently and the speaker told a story about Kanye West. From his youthful days, Kanye was known to have always been speaking about where he would be in the future. Based on all he kept saying back then, he has seen them become a reality in his life.

Could it be that we can really have what we say? I think it is a bit more than just saying it.
Another article I read pointed out one thing that the richest people had in common, and that was a healthy imagination. The ability to focus on something they wanted, simply put, they were seeing a future that had not yet happened. The article went on to say, as they kept that picture in their mind while taking action, they arrived at great success.

The formula then to arrive at that place of success would be more like, “Keep seeing it, keep saying it, keep taking action and it will be sorted”.