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What to do with abundance

Every once in a while, we experience a season of great abundance where we have more than enough. 

What is your attitude in that season? Do you use more, spend more, relax more and enjoy the season?

In agriculture, there are two seasons – planting and harvest. Growing up in Africa, I was used to the farm and the preparation for planting was hard work. This was always called out as the work that needed to be done, and it is important work because if you don’t sow, you will not reap. However, the harvest season actually requires many times more work than planting.

There is abundance at harvest that needs to be gathered, cleaned, sorted, stored and sold. It’s not enough to eat and enjoy the produce of harvest, it must be administered correctly as a part of it will give you seed for the next planting season.

When you get into any season of abundance, don’t switch off and relax, you actually need to put in more work to correctly administer your abundance against the next season of your life.

Remember there are many days of waiting between planting and harvest. How you handled your abundance in the last season will determine how well you survive the waiting period when nothing much seems to be happening.