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What could have been

We sometimes get allured into thinking about what could have been, even years after the opportunities we missed have passed us by. Here is an age old maxim to jolt us back to reality, “Don’t cry over spilled milk”.

Just as hard as it is to gather spilled milk back into a jug, so it is trying to recreate a moment that has passed. It is messy and indeed a waste of time.
Instead of spending time thinking about what could have been, why not redirect your energies into thinking of what could be.

We must certainly learn from our past mistakes and failures, and the only way we can correct them is to perform better when we are presented with new opportunities to do so. The past is written and cannot be changed, the present moment is being captured and we have a chance to dictate what it would be, and the future is yet to be written so we have the time to prepare to influence it.

What could be in your relationships? What could be in your career? what could be in your community? What could be in your business? What could be in your future? You have what it takes today to influence what could be tomorrow.