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Mood to do nothing

Have you ever been in the mood to just do nothing?
I am not talking about just wanting to have a lazy day, it’s more of a feeling of not being able to stir yourself up and get going. For anyone who is productive in one way or another, this mood can be quite disturbing and may even trigger some anxiety.

The mood to do nothing could however be a warning sign of burnout and this should not be ignored. That lethargic feeling that won’t go away even with a strong cup of coffee might be saying you need a break.

There is a lot of talk in the work place of today about managing stress and burnout. One of the key principles of management is knowing what you have. Know yourself well, body and soul. Knowing your limits physically, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually is key. When you are overloading, be quick to stop to avoid a breakdown.

Put in your plan ways to get stronger or handle more in all those areas. Work out a way to get proper rest, refreshing and recreation.

When you get in that mood to do nothing, heed the sign and take action to revive yourself, replenish and fill up all your tanks so you can get back into a flow of productivity.