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Who notices me?

Most people want to feel appreciated and noticed in one way or the other. There are the extroverted bunch who will flamboyantly tout themselves in your face until you acknowledge them and on the other spectrum you have the introverted crew who vie for the same thing hiding behind something brilliant they have worked on.

Whatever spectrum of person you are, whatever social class you belong to or whatever racial or religious background you are from, one thing is certain, you will get noticed for being consistent with something you are doing.

There is however good attention, and bad attention. So you show up at the office 30 minutes early every single working day of the year, chances are someone has noticed and you are likely to get that promotion, all other factors being in place. Conversely, you show up to the office 30 minutes late, every working day of the year. Chances are your name would be on the list of staff to cut back on.

Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years, but he consistently asked for the same thing, the abolishment of apartheid and the freedoms of the black South African. Not only was he noticed in Africa, but also around the whole world.

Just keep doing what you are doing faithfully, purposefully and joyfully, then before long you will discover that many people have noticed you.