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What you still lack

What would you say is your greatest lack at this time?
In 2011, I thought my greatest lack was financial. I was newly married and expecting my first child, I owned next to nothing in assets and was always a couple of hundred pounds in deficit at the end of every month. I was desperate for a change and agonised over how things could get better. I decided the best thing to do was to apply for a new job. Here I was, a university graduate, a masters degree holder honestly believing that I was only good enough for a junior admin role and really praying that I would get that as my next job. From where I was, my prospects did not look good at all and I felt doomed to be in that position for a long time.

I spoke to a friend to see if there were recommendations I could get. He however advised me to go on a 3-day training course to upskill based on my academic background. I went for this course called business analysis and I was totally blown away, not necessarily by the information given in the course, but by the experiences of the trainer and the confidence and belief he inspired in me. I walked away from that course buzzing, knowing that my change had come. I knew I would get an excellent job as a business analyst.
It took about 5 months but I eventually landed a job that was paying about 4 times as much as I previously earned. Within a year we bought our first house and things have only got better since then.

So what exactly did I lack and what did I get that changed things for me? 
Most times we identify the tangible things that we do not have and obsess over why we do not have them, however what we really need are the intangibles.
My intagibles were supplied 5 months before the tangibles came into my hand. 
My real lack was not one of finance, I lacked confidence also there was no belief, vision, anticipation or hope. Once that changed, everything changed.

Find out what you are really lacking and go after restoring those intangibles and watch the tangibles manifest themselves in due course.