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Who checks your homework?

If you were like me, I absolutely hated having to do any homework as a child. When school was over, it was time to play, so why should I have had to spend another second doing school work. As much as I hated it, I had to do it because there were two check points I had to go through with completed work, or face the consequences.

The first check point was my mum. She would check our bags for home work and then ensure it was completed before we could go out and play. The second check point was my teacher at school, those who did not have neat, completed and correct work were punished.

Over the years, I have matured to understand the importance of getting my homework done even when no one is watching. This is personal accountability. There is however another dimension that the quality of our work can get to when we make ourselves accountable to another who can pull us up on our promise to deliver.

I recently had the estate agent, of the property I rent, come over to do an inspection. The house is usually kept neat enough, but just knowing someone was going to check made us go the extra mile to make things spotless. We were very impressed with our spring clean in preparation for this visit. The benefit of a sparkling clean house was ours, but we would not have got there if our accountability agent was not scheduled to visit.

Have you reached a plateau in your business, career or other important life endeavours? Maybe the block can be moved if you had the right accountability partner coming to check your homework. Find someone you can trust, who cares for your progress, and is willing to hold you accountable and ask them to check your homework from time to time.