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CV of a president

When one aspires to the highest public office in the land, everything about their life finds its way into the open. Their track record is laid bare for all to see. It’s almost as if their CV becomes a public document for anyone who cares to read it.

A CV is something that is usually a private document shared with those who are contemplating hiring our services. It is more than just a piece of paper, but a catalogue of what we have achieved and therefore a promise of what more we can deliver.

The higher the office we seek, the more the scrutiny given, not just to what we have written, but the bonafide references of those we have worked with, and accomplishments we have put forward. Some boast of things they never accomplished only to be found out and shamed for it. They may have gotten away with it at some point, but the truth eventually finds a way to catch them out.

Even though most of us will never come close to the office of president or any other position that demands that level of scrutiny, shouldn’t we live in such a way that we will have no reason to be ashamed of our CV if it ever gets into public space?