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What’s your outlook

Everyone has a unique way that they look at the world around them, and so will behave according to what they see. Out of the many views that exist, two particular ones come to mind, the view to produce, and the view to consume.

Its easy to look at both and automatically assume that the producer view is more productive than the consumer view, but that might not necessarily be the case. A producer view may always seek to create what is novel and in some cases almost try to reinvent the wheel which may end up being counter productive, while a consumer view may look for what already exists and use it to create a service that releases great value to others.

The important thing is to know yourself and what works for you. The producer view needs the right balance to create the new only to supply what does not exist, or to improve what already exists. Asking someone with this view to just work with what is available is like killing thier potential.

On the other hand, the consumer view needs to take what exists and use it to create value that would be of benefit to self and to others. Asking someone with this view to come up with something new is like trying to frustrate them.

As long as you understand what type of view you have and you are comfortable with it, you will be a progressive person who is able to take what comes thier way and turn it into what they need.