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Make the shift

Have you ever considered that the vessel constructed to get you through the flood waters of a storm would never suffice to get you across the desert?
In the right environment it could be a boat that makes you float, but in the wrong environment it could become a casket that ends your advancement.

It amazes me when I hear the stories of businesses that were really successful, controlling majority market share at the height of their success. Yet with all the revenue, brand recognition and market position, they crashed out of business and became a distant memory in the minds of their customers.

A key characteristic you find with those businesses is that they fought tooth and nail to maintain the status quo. They were blindsided to the effects of changes taking place within the business environment and indeed the wider world. Any organisation should behave pretty much like a living organism and respond to their changing external environment, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Whether it is the business of your life, or an actual company you are involved with, you must be aware and ready to respond to the ever changing external circumstances so that you are not caught out when the floods dwindle and the desert heat kindles.