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What are you about?

It is hard to sum up the totality of who any human being is because we are such complex individuals. However, behavioural scientist tell us that we are likely to make a judgment on who a person is in the first 7 seconds of our meeting them. Those first impressions they say,  form a frame of reference with which we will deal with that individual going forward.

People are accepted or rejected for things like a job, relationship and much more on the basis of 7 seconds. 

This doesn’t seem like a fair assessment that we are all subjected to. So what must one do to project a good representation of themselves in 7 seconds?
To answer that question, you need to know what you are about.

Do you know yourself well? Strengths, weaknesses, passions, desires, interests, attitudes, values etc. How do all your qualities fit together to support what you consider your life’s mission?

Is your mission so clear and internalised that you can express it with conviction whenever you are scrutinised? 

Can you express what you are about in 7 seconds?

There are 3 key areas that are judged in the 7 seconds.
1. Your appearance – how you dress
2. Your body language – how you carry yourself 
3. Your speech – how you communicate 

Someone who has a primary mission to help the poor will dress in a modest way, think Mother Theresa. This will be different from someone who wants to be a pop star, think Beyoncé. Their carriage and language will also reflect it. 

Practice how to represent who you are in appearance, demeanour and conversation. Keep doing this until you are able to crystallise and summarise what you are about in 7 seconds.