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When it stops working

I have a little battery operated clock in the hallway of my house just outside the bedrooms. We use this to gauge the time as we prepare for work and school in the morning. My sons however, for some reason, found this clock so fascinating that they would pick it up, play with it, change the time, etc. No matter how much I discouraged them from tampering with the clock, they would not listen.

After weeks of harassment and taking more than a few knocks, the clock stopped working, you could still hear it tick but the hands would not move. My boys asked why it was not working and they tried for a couple of days to fix it, but to no avail.

Many weeks later, I passed by the hallway and noticed the clock was in its place, and it had been untouched for ages. The boys had finally left it alone without any discouragement from me.

When things stop working, people try to fix it if they are patient enough, and if it still doesn’t work, they leave it alone and move on. Do you feel like you are never left alone and always have to deal with one thing or the other? Maybe it is because you are somehow still ticking away. If indeed you are not garnering the attention of anyone, then you should be worried, maybe you have stopped working.