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Knowing all the parts

Success at anything is rarely ever an accident. That being said, knowing all the parts that make success work could sometimes cause what was an accident to become a success.

Understanding things like the right attitude, persistence, learning, hard work, prioritisation, problem solving, communication, relationships and so on, would lead down the road of progress.

I am sure you have heard of the post it note. This highly successful product started out as a failed project in 1968. It was meant to be a strong adhesive, but instead turned out to be quite weak. For years the inventor, Dr. Silver, struggled to find a use for his invention because even though it was not a strong adhesive it had properties that he thought were useful, so he kept touting the merits of his creation to colleagues.

He later said, “I came to be known as Mr. Persistent because I wouldn’t give up.” In 1974 another colleague who used paper strips as a book mark in his hymnal got the idea to sick the paper on his pages with the weak adhesive. The rest they say is history.

If you are willing to study all the parts that make a business, relationship, product or any other venture work, you are most likely on the paths of success.